Notice to Residents: Proposed Utility Allowances

The Housing Authority of the City of Fort Lauderdale is proposing the attached utility allowances as a result of a utility allowance study performed. These allowances are based on tenant-paid utilities (except telephone), such as: cost of tenant-supplied refrigerators and ranges, and for other tenant-paid housing services (e.g. trash collection (disposal of waste and refuse)) water, sewage and electric. These requirements are based on HUD regulations found in 24 CFR 982.517 of the Federal Register Rules and Regulations.

The allowances are a direct reflection of the energy needs required by the structure’s major systems and variations of each unit type.

The attached utility allowances will be put into effect beginning December 1. 2021. The Change in your utility allowance will be effective at your next annual recertification.

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2021 December – Section 8 Utility Allowances | PDF